The perfect time to sell your cabin? Now of course!

perfect time to sell your cabin

The sun is shining and the weather is starting to get warmer. This can only mean one thing for Australian holidaymakers… summer is coming!

If you are looking to sell your cabin, the perfect people to sell to are like-minded individuals who enjoy holidaying as much as you do. Holiday makers that are spending time in parks and holiday destinations, falling in love with the people and atmosphere, wanting to come back again year after year.

It’s important to first, (before you try and sell your park cabin or van) think about what you would look for in a cabin and what things appeal to you and perhaps turn you away. Chances are it will be the same for the people looking to purchase.

Cabin Connect is a one-stop-shop for purchasing cabins, vans and lifestyle homes. So, listing on a platform like this will allow the buyers to come straight to you. You should definitely use it to your advantage by putting your best foot (and photograph) forward.

When it comes to listing your cabin online you want to make the best first impression, the first image needs to grab the buyer’s attention and reel them into wanting to know more. To help you out we have compiled a list of things to think about when writing up your listing and how to get the best bang for your buck and sell you cabin before summer holidays begin.


Capturing the best image of your cabin or van is crucial for selling success. The buyers looking online want to be wowed by your property and see themselves holidaying there in the future with their families. Some things to remember when photographing are:

  • Ensuring the cabin is well lit. Lighting is important to show off its features and offering a better insight into what they’ll be purchasing.
  • A steady, non-blurry image.
  • Get a picture of the most important/appealing parts of the cabin. For example, the kitchen, living room and bedroom/s. As well as a nice front on to give the buyer the whole picture.
  • Make sure all images are taken in landscape, not portrait, this will elongate the space and make it look more open.


Curb appeal is just as important selling your cabin as it is selling your house. Ensuring that your cabin is well looked after and neat and tidy will give your buyer a better first impression. The deck or verandah should be clutter-free and a fresh lick of paint to brighten up its facade wouldn’t go astray. The buyer should be able to see themselves staying there for many holidays to come.

Now that you’ve spent so much time sprucing up the outside, it’s important to not forget about the inside. Making sure the inside of your cabin is neat and tidy, buyers want to see their holidays in this cabin. So making an effort in removing junk and clutter will allow them to see how they can fit in.

Cleaning the bathrooms, kitchens, sweeping and mopping the floor, it’s important to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think about what would appeal to you and what you would want to see be done for the inspection.

Adding ambiance and a general good feel to the cabin will also do wonders, this will encourage the potential buyers to leave feeling positive about the property. Don’t give them the opportunity to have any dislikes. Choosing cohesive styling throughout the cabin will also add appeal (but more on that later). Opening blinds and curtains, adding as much natural light will also add to its appeal. 


Now, you don’t have to be an interior designer to make a space look appealing. Just remember a few easy tricks and it will transform your cabin interior from drab to fab.

Linen. Choosing the same linen throughout the bedrooms will add cohesion and flow to the cabin.

Less is more. You don’t have to go overboard with this one. Removing clutter and having a few pieces to add a homely feel to the cabin is all that is needed.

Natural light. Keeping curtains open and adding as much natural light as possible to the space will do wonders for creating what feels like a bigger space. The light and airy feel will allow for a nice flow through the cabin.

Much like the regular real estate market there is a cabin and budget to suit all buyers. People will also be buying into the lifestyle of the caravan park. Making the space as homely and appealing as possible will be key to ensuring their holidays are as relaxing and comfortable as we all want them to be. A little bit of effort will be recognised and appreciated by the buyer.

Now you know, the perfect time to sell your cabin is now! With these few handy hints and tricks you’ll be able to optimise the selling opportunity. It’s time to get those photographs taken, listing posted and signage up ready to welcome in your potential buyers over the busy school holiday period.

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