Fairy Penguins and Family Adventures

Visit Phillip Island fairy penguins

Phillip Island’s fairy penguins became unexpected heroes during Melbourne’s second wave lockdown in 2020 when their nightly homecoming parade was live-streamed for all to enjoy. Thousands of viewers tuned in for a virtual escape to the sand and setting sun of Victoria’s Southern Coast, far removed from the insular world of jigsaw puzzles and zoom meetings.  With restrictions greatly eased and the nights still long, now is the perfect time to pay our adorable Little Penguins a long-overdue visit in person.

For many, a trip to Phillip Island to see its famous Penguin Parade was often reserved as a day trip for overseas visitors. It may be some time before we have that excuse again, so why wait? While not an unpopular option, limiting your experience to a quick look around the Visitor Centre before donning a few extra layers for the declining evening temperatures and heading home after the parade simply doesn’t allow you to make the most of what this unique part of the world has to offer. 

From the galleries, boutiques, and midday pelican feeding at the mainland base of San Remo, to the north-facing beaches of Cowes, the rocky coastline of Newhaven, and the Koala Conservation Centre of Rhyll, Phillip Island and its surrounds truly does have something for everyone. 

Staying in one of the Island’s many caravans and cabin parks gives you the perfect, flexible, home-away-from-home holiday experience. Whether you’re packing up the whole family, heading on an adventure with friends, or just in need of some time away together, a holiday park provides the perfect combination of comfort and freedom. Don’t own a caravan? It’s easy to rent an existing van or cabin to suit your needs. Who knows, you might decide to make Phillip Island your regular holiday destination and purchase your own little piece of paradise in the form of an onsite annual cabin.

So what are you waiting for? Walk, run or waddle, Phillip Island has something for every person and every pace. And while it was a real treat to watch the penguins from the comfort of our living rooms, nothing quite compares to being on location.

PS While it boasts no penguins, the Churchill Island Marine National Park and Heritage Farm is an experience not to be missed. Working dog and whip cracking demonstrations are just a small taste of the exciting things to see and do. And when you’ve had your fill of the farm, be sure to explore one of the walking tracks, and the Wadjil’garook Wetland, where you can view wetland birds and learn about Aboriginal culture.

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